Home Inspection Web App

A system for streamlining home inspections.


Information Architect, Interaction Designer



This application helps building inspectors better manage all stages of the inspection process. Users can also complete reports in the field from any web-enabled device.

A client approached our team with a vision to bring their completely paper-based inspection reporting system online. Working closely with the client to understand the unique needs of home inspectors, we designed and built a web-based application from the ground up.

To better understand the existing tools and processes inspectors use, I first created a survey that we distributed to potential customers in our client’s network. From there, I conducted a task analysis, created user flows, and collaborated with the project’s visual designer on interactive wireframes of the application.

High-level user flow outlining the overall process and essential tasks at each stage. The design and development teams referenced these user flows throughout the project to make sure we accounted for all core aspects of the system.

User flow outlining the path to sign up for a paid subscription and the system logic involved.

Clickable wireframe created using Axure RP. Reviewing the interactive prototype with our client helped us validate our assumptions about the home inspection process before starting development.

A screen of the inspection report form in the completed application.